A Few words about Homoeopathy and our contribution to its cause.

Calcutta-The Cradle of Homoeopathy in India

Homoeopathy, an efficacious and yet inexpensive system of treatment has been practiced in India over the last 150 years or more. Homoeopathy received staunch support from the then eminent physicians like Dr. Rajendra Lal Dutta, Dr. Mahendra Lal Sirkar, Dr. Behari Lal Bhadury, Dr. Pratap Chandra Majumder and such other intellectual stalwarts of the Nineteenth Century Bengal who had recognised the tremendous potential of this system.

Along with them, there was yet another giant and visionary who gave his heart and soul to the cause of Homoeopathy. With missionary zeal he contributed to its propagation amongst the people of the country, and who has been rightly acclaimed the Pioneer of Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Industry in India. His vision, however, was not confined to homoeopathic field alone, his name will be remembered as an educationalist, philanthropist and a great donor and founder of numerous charitable institutions like schools, hostels, hospitals, homoeopathic dispensaries in various parts of India and Bangladesh, it was none other than MAHESH CHANDRA BHATTACHARYYA.

The First Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit

In the early 20th Century Mahesh Bhattacharyya more widely known as M. Bhattacharyya of Calcutta, established M. Bhattacharyya & Co. Laboratory, the first manufactory of its kind which was later renamed Mahesh Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture homoeopathic medicines which till then were mostly being imported from Germany and U.S.A. at a considerably higher cost. His continued commitment to quality at par with world standard soon earned the respect of medical fraternity and won the goodwill of numerous customers and patrons. This resulted in lesser dependence on imports of homeopathic medicines to a great extent. This selfless pioneering spirit of M. Bhattacharyya lives on. Presently Mahesh Laboratories Private Limited, Calcutta manufactures the full range of homoeopathic and biochemic medicines and continues to hold high the standard of quality and service that people have come to expect of them.

Channel of Distribution

Previously many of our customers were receiving our products through M/s. M. Bhattacharyya & Co. (P) Ltd., Calcutta. Of late, we set up our own arrangement to deliver directly our products to our customers to facilitate them to get the benefit of quick delivery of all the ordered items in the quantities demanded. Temporary shortfalls, if any, in supplies can be taken care of by us sooner in the next supply. By directly supplying from our laboratory we can assure you of the highest quality of product.

We welcome your valuable orders and enquiries directly on us at our marketing division:
203 Bidhan Sarani (Near Crossing of Bidhan Sarani and Vivekananda Road) Calcutta - 700 006.

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